Our dear beloved People of God,

Greetings of Peace and Joy! 

Let us first thank all of you for the support and ministry you share with us here in St. Luke and St. Timothy. Thanks for being a channel of God’s grace to our communities.

So, dear friends, it’s the Season of Christmas again. Allow us to share some thoughts and questions as we celebrate the Birthday of our King. Where are we now as a Church of Communion, Participation, and Mission?

Communion – Where do you think we are now in our efforts to build a parish (cluster) community “like a family” in our midst? Can we gladly say that our church community is a gift? How much have we done to treat each other as brothers and sisters in Christ? What are the joys you have found in our churches? What are your concerns as well? We are a diverse community. How do you feel about having new faces around you? Were there efforts on our part to reach out to each other when we gather in worship or in fellowship?    

Participation – How much interest do you have in being actively part of the life of the church? The image I have in mind is a “sailboat”. We need each other as we journey onwards. We have different God given skills and charisms. How willing are we to share it in our church? Where do you think you will be most helpful? What do you see in our church that needs to be developed? What may have prevented you from participating?

Mission – At these post Covid-19 times, where do you think God is leading us? What could be the spiritual and pastoral priorities in our individual and communal lives that need to be in the      forefront of our plans and actions? Where do you think our church is much needed today? Which of the Gospel message speaks to you deeply - is it “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand” or “I was hungry and you gave me no food”?

As we enter the Season of Christmas, the Mother Church is asking us to review and renew our lives and ministry. We need to look back and be fired up again by the Holy Spirit. Now as you may think about gift giving to Jesus on Christmas Day, we pray that the incarnate Son of God finds a true home in our hearts, in our churches, and in our society.

A blessed Christmas!

Fr. Alner Nambatac and Fr. Manuel Igrobay