Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

If Christ would come to us and ask us, "what is in your heart?," how will we respond?  

In our Sunday readings, God reveals to our hearts the fulfillment of His laws through the coming of Christ His Son.  The commands of God point to Christ and to His gift of saving love which unfolds in each Eucharistic sacrifice. The Spirit of the Lord, which is alive in the consecrated Bread we receive, moves us to fulfill God's law of love. Our hearts are ignited to put God's mercies into action. Our hearts are set afire to bring the love and care of Christ to those who are most in need in our families and communities, through our support of our local St. Vincent de Paul or our Archdiocesan Annual Appeal.  

When our hearts are defiled by sin and stained by the world, God's grace and Spirit cannot enter our hearts. But this does not stop God from drawing us back to His love. He continues to cleanse our hearts in each penitential confession before His merciful seat.  God longs to grant us a pure heart so that He can dwell and reign.  God longs to be the shepherd of our heart and soul so that we can follow Him, unto life eternal.

Fr. Manuel and I also wish to offer you our humble pastoral care.  Through the grace of God, we hope to minister to the needs of the parishioners of St. Luke's and St. Timothy's.  We hope to join you hand in hand in our pilgrimage of faith, hope, and love, with Christ as the King and ruler of our hearts.

God is love,

father Al