Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

If Christ would appear before us, what would we tell Him?  What question or prayer would we present to Him?

In this Sunday's Gospel, Christ was approached by a rich man.  He asked Jesus what he must do to inherit eternal life.  Like the rich man, we also look forward to Christ's promise of eternal life.  Like the rich man, we are also called to keep God's commandments.  Like the rich man, we also sometimes walk away sad because of numerous things which separate us from the Lord. 

However, Christ does not want us to remain downcast.  He looks upon us with such great love and grants us all the graces to live a life of total commitment to Him.  Our Lord never gives up on us and He keeps on calling us to faithful discipleship, to let go of our self-centered attachments and give what we have to those who are in need.   This can be a daunting task but God assures us that with Him all things are possible.  Christ and His ongoing sacrifice of love on the Altar makes all things possible.  Christ and His unending mercies at the confessional makes all things possible.  Christ and the power of His Spirit working in and through us makes all things possible. 

All thanksgiving and praise to God who makes all things possible, gathering us together as one St. Luke community of disciples, rewarding us with faith, hope, and love, and the everlasting treasures of Heaven.

God is Love, 

father Al