Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Are you waiting for a miracle to happen?  

Miracles happen each moment of our lives...the unnoticeable miracle of waking up each day, alive and blessed by our Lord to start another chapter...the simple miracle of being greeted by a smile or comforting words which can turn our not-so-good day into something worth looking forward to.

In our Sunday Gospel, we witness the first miracle performed by Christ.  We behold Christ's miracle in the wedding feast at Cana.  It was a moment of rejoicing, a time of celebration.  Imagine yourself in the wedding. Are you the bride or the groom, caught up in seventh heaven, now finally united together in God's love and grace?  Are you the guest who shares in the couple's jubilation, sending well-wishes and prayers?  Are you the server working behind the scenes or the headwaiter taking charge?  

Whether we are the bride or the groom, the guest, the server or headwaiter, we are consoled knowing that Jesus is the heart of the celebration.  Having Christ and His love and compassion for us opens to us the greatest miracle of all.  And as we have Christ, we also have His Mother, our Blessed Mother who helps make the miracle happen.  She assures us that Christ will do marvels for us.  As our dearest loving Mother, she knows what Her children need and she presents our concerns to Her Son, "they have no wine..."

We have no peace, we have no sense of completeness and wholeness if not because of Christ who turns water into wine.  Christ is forever with us in our highest and lowest moments.  He turns all that seems to be impossible into infinite measures and signs of the power of His great love for us.   He only needs our trust and obedience to His words and commands.  He waits for us to cooperate and submit to His will.

At the Eucharistic Feast, we, the Church, the Bride of Christ, continue to witness the miracle of God's love. God's glory is revealed once more as He comes to us, in the humble appearance of bread and wine, transformed into Christ’s Most Precious Body and Blood.  We continue to celebrate the saving love of Christ Who forms us anew in His Spirit, filling our hearts with gifts to continue His mission of healing the sick, comforting those who mourn, feeding those who hunger, serving those who are in need, proclaiming the saving power of God to all the nations.  

Let us entrust the coming weeks to Christ, our Miracle Worker.  Let us allow Him, with thankful hearts, to work His wonders and transform the ordinariness of our lives into something worth giving honor and praise to our God and King.

God is Love,

father Al

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