Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

How does God speak to us today?  What news does He bring to us? What is He calling each one of us to do? 

With all that is happening in our world today, we are in constant search for authentic news that will speak the truth, that will bring us light and encouragement. We believe that we find truth and light in Christ alone.  

In our Gospel this Sunday, Christ unveils to us that He is the anointed one, He is the fulfillment of God's promise.  He has come to bring us glad tidings.  He has come to redeem us from our miseries, our suffering, our hardship.  He has come to set us free from the chains of sin, fear, anxieties, and unbelief.  He is the Messiah, our rock and redeemer who will deliver us and usher in a new kingdom.  With the power of the Spirit, Christ brings into life the Word of God as He proclaims God's love and merciful salvation in his works of healing, forgiveness, and sacrificial offering of Himself on the Cross.

God is asking us to be bearers of that Good News to the least, the last and the lost.  God pours forth His Spirit upon us so we might also proclaim His message of hope and healing to those who are oppressed, ill or in despair.  God empowers us to bring forth His compassion and love to those whom we encounter each day.

As we gather together at the Eucharistic table to worship the Lord and encounter the Eternal Word, let us thank God for His greatest love revealed to us through the gift of Sacred Scripture.  Let us ask for the grace to be open to His divine Word and become living witnesses of His Word, proclaiming that God indeed is our one true Savior, Lord and King, the Word incarnate.  Let God's Word dwell within us and impel us to be heralds of God's saving love.  No other reward awaits all of us but God alone, who is ever alive in His glorious Words, rich in Spirit and Life. 

God is Love,

father Al