Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

What struggles do we encounter in following the call of God in our lives?  How do we overcome trials and remain firm in our vows to the Lord? 

As Christians, we are called to dedicate our lives in the spirit of the gospel, having God as the beginning of our mission and looking forward to Him as our end goal. In our faith life, we encounter a lot of crosses along the way.  Like Christ, we meet hostile opposition.  Not all people will believe and take to heart the good news we share with them.  Sufferings and hardships will come.   However, these are meant not as obstacles to our growth, but as powerful means of God's grace, as He draws us deeper and closer to His love through each cross we bear with and for Him.

There is no struggle we cannot overcome because Christ, who is with us and in us, has triumphed through the perfect ultimate oblation of love on that first Good Friday.  Christ's love dispelled all the darkness of sin and death, bringing forth the Father's powerful resurrecting love on that first Easter Sunday.  Christ continues to transform all the Good Friday's in our lives into a glorious Easter, filled with His everlasting love.

So, let us celebrate Christ's love in the Eucharistic banquet and continue to be inspired and nourished by His Spirit of love.  Rooted in love, let us remain steadfast in our call to proclaim God's marvelous deeds even in the face of difficulties and struggles.  Let us ask for the grace to love with the unconditional love of Christ, all those who have wronged us, those who need our forgiveness, those who long for our compassion and those who await God's freedom, light and mercies.  Until that time when all of us will come to sing of the love and salvation of our God, in this life and in the eternal life to come.

God is Love,

father Al