The Responsorial Psalm for this Sunday asks who we are in the eyes of God. The readings reveal the high value God places on us. The wisdom of God “plays on the surface of the earth and finds delight in the human race.”

God pours God’s own love into our hearts through the gift of the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel Jesus promises that the Spirit will give us everything that belongs to him. Truly God has made us “little less than the angels.” and crowned us with Glory.

The mystery of the most Holy Trinity has a claim in all of our hearts during our baptism and confirmation, God dwelling in our hearts, Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. When the church teaches that the most Holy Trinity is the central mystery of the Christian faith and Christian life. This is not an ideal concept to memorize. It is everything and touches every aspect of our lives. God who is love pours his love and divine life into our hearts through the sacraments. The Creed, which we recite each Sunday at Mass, preserves this pattern. It begins with God the Father as Creator. Moves on to God the Son as redeemer, and ends with God the Holy Spirit as life-giver. But we must never forget that where the Father is, there also are the son and the Holy Spirit.

What can we do to make the Trinity come alive more in own lives? When we make God’s presence known by the way we live, loving relationship, respect of others and help to the needy. The Triune mystery is revealed in our own loving relationship with our spouses. In other words, marriage is the mirror of the loving relationship of the Trinity; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Spirit not only guides the church (us ) to all truth, but bears what we cannot bear on our own. Jesus’ mission then is not entirely on our shoulders. Jesus through his Spirit is still present to us; it is always Jesus’ mission. We are his disciples doing what he commanded—teaching others what he declares to us by the Holy Spirit.

The Christian family is meant to shine God’s love within and without and proclaim the mystery of the Trinity, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit to the world. Let this not keep us from the family of God, the Church! Let this not keep us from striving to reach out to those who are lonely, hurting, and in need of our Father’s love and mercy.   As believers in the Trinity, our lives should show the characteristics we attribute to God.

Deacon Faiva Po’oi

St. Luke and St. Timothy Cluster