Lector & Altar Servers Schedules

*All altar servers are responsible for finding a replacement if they are unable to serve. If none can be found, please leave a message for Tony Belo at the office (650) 345-6660 by Thursday.

PARENTS: If you are scheduling any vacation or know the dates when your child will be unable to serve, please contact Tony Belo at the office (650) 345-6660 by the first week of each month.




In our parish’s continuing efforts to save money and resources, we are discontinuing the mailing of the monthly Altar Server Schedule to all altar servers.

All altar servers should log on to to view and/or print the current schedule.

The schedule for the month will also be posted in the two Church Bulletin Boards. One by the main entrance door to the offices and the second one in the Bulletin Board for the Sunday Masses by the entrance to the Church nave.

Future schedules will be available on the website by the last weekend of each month. If you forget the address to the website, please log on to Google and enter St. Luke Church in Foster City, CA.

As always, the community of Saint Luke is grateful for your service. We appreciate your time and the dedication that you have all shown in serving the Lord.

Tony Belo