In our first reading this weekend, the author of the Book of Wisdom takes us back to that night when the Lord delivered his chosen people from bondage in Egypt.  They had been in exile and bondage for many years, but what gave them hope was trust in God's promises. Faith and hope in God gave them the strength to endure until their liberation.

This theme continues in the second reading from Hebrews where the author defines faith as “the realization of what is hoped for and evidence of things not seen.” Faith is a leap from a known to an unknown, like when a child jumps into the arms of a parent in the swimming pool for the first time.  Abraham’s life is described as a great example of faith because he lived it by trusting in God.  He embraced the unknown, for he knew that God was journeying with him.

The gospel of Luke invites us to move our hearts from earth to heaven.  We too can make our childlike leap of faith and live a life free of worry and anxiety by grounding our lives in faith, trust, hope, and surrender. But there is a challenge and a call in the Gospel today.  Jesus challenges his disciples, his followers (us), to trust the Father's promise to give them eternal happiness in His kingdom. He exhorts them to be prepared at all times “for at an hour you do not expect, the Son of Man will come.” This unexpected hour will either be at the moment of death or at the end of the world, whichever comes first.   Using the parable of the unexpected arrival of the thief, Jesus teaches them the importance of vigilance. May we always be ready by knowing and living our Catholic Faith.

By Deacon Dave Arms