In every age and in each generation, people have wondered who was going to get into heaven and who was going to have that door closed to them.   Do we not wonder the same today? 

In this account from the gospel of Luke, Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, stopping and teaching along the way. This journey focuses on Jesus’ intention to be faithful to his Father’s mission — proclaiming and practicing the good news no matter what the consequences may be.  

Jesus answers the question about who will be saved by indicating that those to be saved will be those who have accepted Him and follow Him. To Jesus, that means to enter the kingdom through the narrow door — not just listening to His words, but accepting and following His teaching. 

In stating that the last shall be first and the first shall be last, Jesus is indicating that salvation is not limited to one race or culture — not limited to the Jews. Jesus is stating his openness to the universality of his kingdom, explaining to us that the narrow door — that is, following Him — may be challenging, demanding and painful, but that following this is the path to eternal life.

By Deacon Fred Totah