For our less fortunate neighbors who appeal to us to bring them food, our pantry is always in need of non-perishables.  Please see the items below for a list of specific needs.  Please place your donations in the SVDP Bin located at the community center.  Thank you for your invaluable support of our ministry.  ~ SVDP Volunteers

Canned fruit, Canned tuna & chicken, Canned chili

Canned tomatoes, Canned tomato sauce, Canned vegetables, Canned soup

Cereal (including Oatmeal), Rice, Rice-a-Roni, Packaged pasta meals

Mayonnaise/Catsup/Mustard, Cake Mix, Jello, Pudding

Jams/Jellies, Mac & Cheese, Salad dressing, Pasta

Pasta Sauce, Top Ramen, Vienna Sausage

“For I was hungry and you gave me food.” (Mt 25:35)