Dear Friends in Christ,

All of us need someone who knows and understands the depth of our hearts.  All of us need someone who cares for us and loves us with no condition.  All of us need someone who would look after us and lead us to restful waters.  We might have searched for a fellow human being or something who could fulfill all those needs but we always end up lacking or disappointed.

The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want, declares the psalmist.  Indeed, when we have the Lord as our Good Shepherd, we lack nothing.  He is the Living Bread who satisfies and feeds all our hunger.  He never fails to lead us to verdant pastures, to the overflowing treasures of His graces found in His sacraments.  Our Good Shepherd guides us in right paths through the light of His Spirit.  He is our rod which dispels our fears and gives us courage.  Christ our Good Shepherd is the true source of all goodness. His house is always open for us to dwell in.

Like the apostles, let us answer Christ's invitation for us to come to His House and rest awhile.  Each time we gather around the Eucharistic table, the Lord gives rest to our wearied souls, the Lord offers solace and peace which the world cannot give.  And as we receive God's gifts, let us thank Him by giving back, by being good stewards -- let us serve God, let us care for one another, let us help each other, let us unite together in this pilgrimage of faith, hope, and love and build families where Christ reigns as the Shepherd and King of our souls.

God is love,

Rev. Alner "Fr. Al" Nambatac