Dear Friends in Christ,

Coming towards the fourth week of serving this beautiful parish, I've witnessed how God's bounties have the hearts of those who rise each morning to be with our Eucharistic Lord at our 8:30am the hands of those who volunteer in our Church services, in particular during our recent Labor-of-Love community clean-up the lives of parents and grandparents  who help bring their children and grandchildren closer to the generosity of parishioners who support the work and ministries of our friendships and fellowship among the faithful parishioners of St. Luke's.

Indeed, God multiplies a hundred times over all that we offer and surrender to Him.  We need not fear hunger, for the hand of the Lord feeds our soul as we come to Him at the altar of grace.  We need not fear hardship, for God always comes to our rescue and answers all our needs.  He calls us to recline and find our rest in Him as we present to Him all our concerns in faith and with a grateful heart.  Christ will then take the loaves, give thanks and impart His blessings upon us, empowering us to be witnesses of His miraculous love as we build together His kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.   

God is love,

Fr. Al


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