Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

"Let the children come to Me..." Christ opens wide His arms, embracing all children, keeping them ever close to His Heart.  More than candies, chocolates, and toys, Christ gives His unending love to such precious little ones.  Christ sends forth His ministers to bring to His dearest ones the message of His love.

On this Catechetical Sunday, let us thank God and celebrate the gift of catechists - God's ministers who pass on the faith and make alive God's love among the children whom they serve.  Let us gather together to acknowledge the dedication of our St. Luke catechists and pray that God will strengthen them as they fulfill their call to share and live out their faith.  Let us also honor all parents and guardians on this day, the first catechists who bring Christ and enrich their families with the blessings of our Catholic faith.

And for all of us, let us be one with all our catechists and support  them in their mission.  Empowered as servants of Christ, let us all serve, in the name of the Lord, the little ones - the defenseless, the voiceless, the oppressed among us, sowing the fruits of God's peace, faith, hope, and love, all for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is Love,

father Al