26th Sunday in Ordinary Time Greetings

Posted on September 24, 2021 in: General News

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Have you met a person who radiates such happiness that you get blessed and feel the presence and grace of God?  What sparks this person's cheerful countenance?

In this Sunday's Gospel, we hear Jesus revealing to us the reward which await those who love and serve Him. Christ assures us that those who offer their lives in the service of God and of neighbor will not go unrewarded.  Rewards might not come in material form, but more of the lasting and priceless gift of fulfillment, happiness and peace.  We see men and women in our St. Luke parish community who heed God's call each day, working for the Lord as stewards of the gifts and talents entrusted to them.  These faithful stewards can be you, who in your own unique and simple way help the Church by offering in love your time, talent or treasure.   

As we gather again this Sunday, let us thank God for all our devoted and committed stewards whose sacrifices help build up the kingdom of God in our midst.  Let us come together as a community of stewards worshiping our Eucharistic Lord, proclaiming the good news in word and deed.  The irreplaceable reward of God's saving love and divine Spirit awaits us, as we are all empowered to continue the mission which Christ has set for us.  

God is Love, 

father Al