Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Have we ever seen the real Christ in our midst?  Have we acknowledged His true presence among us? Have we experienced Christ's longing to manifest Himself to us, to draw us closer to His loving and peaceful embrace?

Whenever there is sorrow, pain and suffering, Christ is there in our midst, comforting us and bearing the cross for us.  Whenever there is sinfulness and failure,  Christ is present as a Savior and friend who offers not judgment and condemnation but forgiveness, merciful love and salvation, ever transforming our hardened hearts.  Whenever there is a brother, a sister, or a neighbor who is in need, Christ is there bringing forth His compassionate love and providing care.   

Indeed, Christ allows us to see and encounter Him in His sacred disguises.  In the Blessed Eucharist, Christ consecrates us in Him and breathes forth in us the gift of His Spirit and love so we can reflect His divine image to our families and communities.  We cannot help but share the happiness of being loved by God especially to the vulnerable, the forsaken, and the marginalized among us.

And so, as one St. Luke family, let us all unite in the Spirit of Christ, recognizing Him in each other. Let us welcome God and one another into our hearts through love and service, relishing the priceless treasure of Christ's all-embracing love, blessings and eternal life in His kingdom.

God is Love, 

father Al