Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

"What will you choose?" In life, we are often faced with choices.  There is one path that we need to take.  There are things we need to let go of so that we can commit to what matters most in life.  
Christ calls us each moment to choose Him and His will for us.  Are we like James and John in the Gospel who were tempted to seek prestige, success, and honor or are we choosing Christ's humble path and His lasting promise of peace, love and salvation?  Are we taking the road which leads us far from God or are we taking the path of righteousness for the sake of Christ and His kingdom?

This Sunday, and throughout our life, Christ calls us to renew our commitment to choose Him above all.  Let us choose to follow Christ, His Words and mission and be empowered as we gather together at the Lord's Eucharistic Sacrifice. Here, we witness Christ's unfading love for the Father in His humble obedience and self-offering.  Here, Christ the Suffering Servant intercedes for us before the throne of God.  Here, the memorial of Christ's passion, death and resurrection unfolds for our salvation.

Indeed, how great is the Lord's love for us...Christ continues to choose to suffer and sacrifice His life for us, and no sin, no failure, nothing can ever separate us from His love.  Christ never fails to fill us with His Spirit, reviving our sinful hearts, inspiring us to follow Him each moment of our lives. 

Go forth, then, in the Spirit of Christ, ignited as true disciples, offering our lives in love and service of God and one another, so that in all things God will be glorified.



God is Love, 

father Al